Best Water Filter for Home

Hydronix Water offers a wide-ranging variety of Water Filters for Home to provide premium quality drinking water to our valued clientele; the system is Domestic RO System and hence the Best Water Purifier for Home Being a distinguished Domestic RO System supplier in Pakistan, we constantly efforts to accomplish today’s needs of obtaining a purest form of drinking. In order to meet the multi-grade requirements of our valued clientele, we rely only on the smart Domestic RO, which has five-stage purification level which ensures best water purification procedures. Our Water Filter are designed to effectively remove all types of contaminations such as dissolved solids, chemicals, bacteria, and even small metal bits like arsenic, mercury, led, barium, cadmium and etc. to make water safe for drinking. Domestic RO system provides you purified drinking water equivalent to bottled water, Reverse Osmosis is most commonly used technique in the whole world to remove contaminants from water.

This technique has been built in Water Filter also by making compact units of Reverse Osmosis (RO) system at domestic level; previously it was for commercial and industrial level. This is accomplished by passing the tap water through a semi permeable membrane though a booster pump. The membrane having pores size of 0.0003 microns, allows only the water to pass through, impurities or other contaminants are flushed down the drain. So actually Hydronix Water has made Water Filter the most latest and reliable technology to give you highest farm of purity at your doorstep. The RO system has 7 stages in which 5 stages are for purification:

1st Stage: Pre Filtration (Polypropylene Fiber Cartridge) Removes Dust, Rust & Suspended Particle.

2nd Stage: Purification (Block Activated Carbon Cartridge) Removes organic impurities like odor, color & chlorine facts.

3rd Stage: Purification (Granular Activated Carbon Cartridge) Removes organic impurities like odor, color & chlorine facts.

4th Stage: Pressure Booster Pump, Pressure 125 psi, Voltage 220V / 50 Hz, 110V / 60 Hz single phase.

5th Stage: Membrane, colloid, suspended substances, organisms, heavy metals, dissolved solid, bacteria, etc and keep only pure water with oxygen through.

6th Stage: Post activated salts, Absorb the peculiar smell comes from pressure tank to make the out let Water sweet.

7th Stage: Storage Tank to ensure the uninterrupted pure drinking water supply.

The common uses of Domestic RO system are Home, Office, Shop, Schools, Colleges and Universities. It can also be attached with water cooler.


Hydronix Water RO, the Domestic 5-Stage Water Filter eliminate up to 99% of dissolved solids, bacteria, chlorine, fluoride, microorganisms and heavy metals such as arsenic, led, mercury, barium, chromium, cadmium and etc. The system improves the quality of your tap water up to the standard of any branded bottled water.

Hydronix Water 5-Stage Water Filter has 5 stages of purification, which gives you oxygen rich pure water, free from all types of impurities.

Hydronix Water 5-Stage Water Filter has its own storage tank, to ensure regular drinking water supply for home or office.

The system is totally automatic in its operations; auto shutoff when storage tank is full and auto turn on when tank is empty.

Hydronix Water 5-Stage Water Filter is compatible to be connected with water dispenser and refrigerator, in this case you do not need a water bottle to be fixed on your dispenser every time. The system will supply water to your dispenser automatically. You just need a dispenser pot to be installed on your dispenser.

The system uses very low amount of electricity i.e. 24 watt can easily use on UPS.

Hydronix Water Technology 5-Stage Water Filter is very cost effective in terms of your mineral water / bottled water bill, to do not need to buy bottled water anymore after installing this system.

Hydronix Water 5-Stage Water Filter is equipped with necessary accessories for installation and product manual.

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