Best Desserts From Around The Globe

For every occasion, we look for certain desserts but, we never get a chance to choose desserts that are famous around the world. Today, we will be discussing how you can make your celebration great with these desserts. You often look for Bakingo’s cake delivery in Bangalore as they serve the best cake in the town but, you don’t really know which dessert you want to devour. Whether you want cupcakes or coffee cake or, you want some unique dessert that is not available at every portal. Desserts are a part of every feast around the world, and every country offers some unique dessert from their end, and today, we have gathered such desserts for you. These desserts will satiate your loved one’s sweet tooth and will leave a long-lasting impression on them. So, we believe, you would like to take these suggestions and would love to add them to your feast. Let us share what we have for you so that you can dive into the amazing desserts from around the world.


Rum Cake – Caribbean

We all have heard about the rum cake. It originated in the Caribbean but gained popularity across the world. This cake is made in different styles everywhere but originally it is a sponge cake made in bundt or doughnut style then dipped in rum and topped with dry fruits or icing. This is a holiday cake that people love to devour and carry with them during the holidays. If you are planning a Caribbean holiday and thinking of trying it there then please check the alcohol level because it can leave you intoxicated. Well, this is a simple holiday cake to make during the holiday season that is coming up.


Tiramisu – Italy

Tiramisu might be an Italian dessert that was freshly released in the 1960s but has gained immense popularity across the globe. This classic Italian dessert is soaked in coffee and then topped with cocoa. It outshines every celebration or feast you are having. Also, in major festivals across the world, people love to have Tiramisu in their feast. Tiramisu means ‘pick-me-up’, and it is actually a pick-me -up, a dessert that completes every Italian feast.


Gulab Jamun – India

This dessert is widely loved across India. From northern to southern and eastern parts, everyone adores this dessert. It is easy to make a dessert that requires flour, yoghurt, milk powder and butter. Gulab Jamun is deep-fried until the colour turns brown and then dipped in sugar syrup. They are served at weddings, birthdays or, any feast it may be. Even on Diwali and other festivals as well, people love to devour Gulab Jamun. So, if you want, adding this lip-smacking dessert will add glitters to your celebration.


Baklava – Middle East

Baklava is a disputed dessert that is claimed by Turkey and Greece both. Well, it might be from anywhere, the best thing is people around the world love this dessert. It is served when you pay the bill, but you can order it anytime. It is made of filo pastry, chopped nuts, butter and sugar syrup that has a rose or orange fragrance. The thin layers are baked in a large tin and are syrup again and again at some interval. So, people can get fresh aromatic delight on their tables. You can also try and make it a part of your feast.


Lamingtons – Australia

There is an old saying that ‘World’s best desserts are created by accident’ and Lamington is the same accidental dessert that makes it more special. Lamington is named after Lord Lamington, the governor of Queensland in the late 1890s. This is a vanilla cake dipped in chocolate and covered with desiccated coconut. The two pieces of the square-shaped small cakes are attached together with jam in between. So, this is another cake recipe that you can serve in your celebration and people will definitely like to have it. Small pieces of cake are totally loved by the crowd.


Pastéis De Nata – Portugal

We often do not mention Portuguese food. Whenever we talk about food items across the globe, we miss out on Portuguese food but, this Portuguese dessert is worth mentioning. This delicacy has creamy custard in between, and it is topped with cinnamon powder. This has a flaky, crispy pastry shell that makes it amusing and gives a good crunchy taste to it. This recipe came 300 years ago, and to date, many have tried the original recipe but have some tweaks and quirks in it. Well, if you are planning to visit Portugal, then trying this delightful delicacy would be worth it.


These are some of the desserts that you can have from across the globe. Preparing these desserts at home is quite accessible. So, even if you don’t find them in bakeries, you can switch to their recipe and make these lip-smacking desserts for you. Your friends and family will be amused seeing the kind of efforts you have put to make the celebration worth remembering. So, you better think about all these desserts and make them a part of your feast. We hope you like these delicacies in taste and you enjoy every flavour present in them. Keep Celebrating!


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