Avoid these SIX common blunders savvy bong users make

The use of bongs for smoking is no longer a new experience with most people. With these smoking aids becoming common, smokers must approach its purchase carefully. There are a lot of factors you need to consider during your search to end up with top quality bongs you can count on. Aside from the price of the bong, you should go further ahead to scrutinize aspects like the quality of material used to make the bong and better yet other features like the design used and ultimately the aesthetic appeal matter in your decision making. Now that you have your bong, there are some precautions which you must observe when using it for the first time for quality experience and also avoid wasting your weed or tobacco. There are very many blunders which people make that end up costing them as smokers and discussed here are just but a few that you can consider checking out before you establish yourself as a bong user.

Ignoring or never knowing your limits

There are some common human behaviors that people have which could cost them as smokers. You can easily end up smoking more than you should especially if it is your first time buying and using a bong. Ultimately, this just translates to waste of your weed and a potential chance of giving you a poor smoking experience with bongs. It is similar to blunt smokers who choose not to relight their joint after it goes off. Chances are you are already high and you can save the remaining blunt for later. You should never be in a hurry to finish the weed in your bong as you could easily end up over smoking and misusing the weed you could have saved for later when you actually need it.

Poor storage of buds or tobacco

After a long day at work, you will need to relax with some marijuana smoking and that means investing in the right buds or tobacco for cigarette smokers. If you purchase your buds on bulk, you also have to design a unique strategy that you can use for storage. Keeping it in good condition will not just hold off decay but also ensure you enjoy a quality experience when you use it. The right storage hacks include investing in the right container which should not be wooden in any case to store your weed in. The best options are brown colored glass storage bottles which can be sealed air tight. Poor storage is a common blunder made by savvy or amateur bong users but you can learn with time how to best keep your buds in good condition.

Not taking your time with inhaling

The pressure to try out new things with your bong should not change the way that you smoke. The more styles you want to make with your smoke, the higher the pressure to inhale more than you should. It is actually the only reason most people end up coughing uncontrollably by trying to inhale more smoke than you should. Using a bong will feel totally different from smoking a blunt which is why you must give yourself some time to adjust to the new smoking habit. Start by taking small puffs that you can manage as you understand how to not overdo it but enjoy the right amount of smoke. Once you have managed using your bong, you can develop new strategies and styles for smoking that you see on YouTube or in movies.

Skipping cleaning routinely

The best practice is to treat your bong just like any other personal item or piece of clothing you clean regularly. Bong users when new to using the device for smoking may throw caution to the wind concerning its cleaning only to regret that when their bongs begin to discolor and also lead to poor quality of smoke. There are numerous home based strategies which can be relied upon to clean your bong perfectly both on the outside and insides. Resin and other slur building up in the bong will lead to discoloration and ultimately the blockage of the bong. Failing to clean your bong will in most cases make it even harder to spotlessly clean your bong.

Getting overcharged for the bong

The search for the perfect bong can be very confusing especially to first timers. While rushing to the cheapest options you can find is always dissuaded, you need to also avoid paying highly just because the bong is of good quality. You must understand the critical purposes that bongs serve during smoking and just know that a functioning model is all you need and nothing technical. You should take chance to shop via bong online where there are numerous bong varieties that you can choose form in your search for the perfect one. Comparing designs and prices is also very easy but instrumental when done online to comprehend how the pricing for such items happen. While it is true that it is your money you are spending, blowing a bong budget just to get a bong will also not amplify the quality of smoke session and experience that you get.

Poor measurement of water

First time buying and using a bong? It is very understandable if you do a couple things wrongly with your bong because that is what is expected when you have no prior experience. Using a large amount of water is definitely a common mistake that bong users make only to have less quality smoke sessions. The common rule of using water in bongs is to avoid filling them to the brim so that it gets to your mouth. Your only concern should be measuring the right water amount to allow for bong filtration and also properly submerge the perc and chambers of the bong. Consider checking instructions or get advice from experienced bong users to avoid making obvious mistakes that will embarrass you when done in the public where other regular bong users are.

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