An in depth look at SEO packages

The business landscape continues to get more difficult to maneuver by the day. The way people do business is also shifting to online platforms, which means that without garnering people’s attention on the internet, it is not very easy to have an easy time doing business. The easiest way and probably the only way to get people’s attention on the internet is by impressing Google through its search engine algorithms. This makes it very important to understand SEO to its core. There are many businesses that have come up that help people and businesses to achieve better SEO rankings on the internet by offering monthly SEO package and similar services.

Many companies are investing a lot of money in SEO packages, making it a topic that is worthwhile discussing. Thus, in this article, I will discuss a few aspects that relate to the topic of SEO packages, starting with what they are.

What are SEO packages?

First of all, it is important to understand that SEO packages are offered by companies and individuals that specialize in SEO services. These individuals and companies have a good understanding of what SEO is and how it works and therefore go ahead to offer their help to those in need of it in form of subscription services. If one wants SEO services, they have to subscribe and make a payment. The payment is usually billed on a monthly basis. The monthly payment tends to be fixed. Some service providers charge their clients on a yearly basis.

The packages usually contain a lot of features that are meant to improve the performance of a website on major search engines.

Why should you purchase an SEO package?

There are several websites on the internet that claim that they can offer SEO assistance to people and even businesses for free. What they do is that they provide some kind of education to subscribed members on a monthly basis. That means that one has to get the newspapers on a monthly basis and read them. This is a good route to take if you want to achieve your SEO goals without spending a penny. However, I wouldn’t advise one to take this route and here is why.

First, the learning curve for SEO is very steep. It takes a lot of reading on a monthly basis to get a good grasp of what SEO is and how it works in order for one to succeed at it. This can be tedious and a lot of work that not everyone is a fan of. Secondly, the rules that govern SEO tend to change very frequently, which means that what you know today might be obsolete next month and you have to learn entirely new things. If you don’t have the time, you might not find this very convenient.

Thus, if you try to be your own SEO expert, it is very easy to run into some serious and avoidable errors that have catastrophic outcomes. It is for this reason and many other that most people choose just to outsource SEO processes.

What types of SEO package are there?

SEO is not rigid in any way. In fact, it is very fluid and can be found in different sizes and shapes. The terminology even varies and that is why you will find different businesses using different terms to refer to various types of SEO. Regardless of the width of SEO, it is possible to categorize it into three primary types. Let us take a look at the three main types of SEO in existence.

Local SEO packages

Local SEO packages are most suited for businesses that have a physical location in the form of a brick and mortar structure. This often includes businesses such as legal services, retailers, wholesalers, cleaning services, automobile services, and medical facilities among many others and you can discover more here

For such businesses, the SEO package will mostly focus on marketing the business to people within a given geographical location. The SEO efforts will be aimed at making it easier for customers to find the website so that they can in turn visit the physical location.

National SEO packages

The second type of SEO is the national SEO package. These packages focus on businesses whose operations cover a larger geographical area. When your business covers a larger area in a nation, competing with large national and/or international rivals and you try to use local SEO, it might not work very well for your business. A national SEO package focuses the content of your website y updating it on a constant basis. The keywords are updated regularly to ensure that they remain relevant in search engines. The use of backlinks is also emphasized a lot by national SEO when compared to local SEO.

SEO audit packages

When an SEO expert or agency offers you an SEO audit package, it means that they will offer a complete review of your website. They will do a thorough assessment of your website and let you know exactly what you are doing right and where you are failing. Thus, at the end of the assessment, you will know why you are having the kind of traffic you are having on your site and not more. Some of the aspects of your site that will be investigated include the mobile-friendliness of your site, the content on it, and the nature of backlinks that are used. Toxic backlinks can always lead to a website being penalized the next time Google decides to update its algorithm, something it does quite often. In a single year, there can be several thousands of algorithm updates done.

Do SEO packages work?

With all that being said about SEO packages, the one big question that matters the most is whether or not these packages work. To answer this question, I will say that it depends on who you hire to provide the service to you. Thus, the results will be subjective and relative depending on the expert you hire. If you hire a good expert or agency, you can be sure that SEO packages work and they will get your website ranking high on Google SERPs in no time.

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