All You Should Know About the Longines Classic Heritage Sector

Vintage-inspired anything all has one mantra that makes them a trend today- Look back and draw inspiration from the good things of the past. With this approach, movies and fashion styles successfully recreate a classic, framed in timepieces. To make them new to the public eye, they have to evoke nostalgic feelings while remaining relative and modern. But how we all started harking back to past decades is beyond anyone. We can only imagine that a collective portion of society knew there was something good from the old times. And like a well-versed traveler who has explored, created, and diversified from society’s norms and standards, he recalls rich, meaningful experiences and becomes reminiscent of periods in time. With this shared interest in vintage-inspired work, the watch industry doesn’t miss the fun and joins the party. They are, after all, keeping track of time. But as mentioned drawing inspiration is but one step in the process, and not all remakes of wristwatches meet the public taste. Making vintage-inspired pieces while retaining the essence of the period- there lies the rub. 

There is a brand that is successful in reinterpreting designs from their archives, and that is Longines. If you are looking for the best, Longines has nothing to hide and everything to boast with its Heritage Collection. Just how fine their work is visible in the design of the Longines Classic Heritage Sector watch.Why this watch? Read below, and you will see. 

1. It Has a Gorgeous Sector Dial Design

The Longines Classic Heritage Sector watch is one of the few Sector dial designs there is. A Sector dial is formed by two circles connected by lines and one axis. Most Sector watches would have a somewhat complex, puzzle-like design, but Longines sashes past that mistake, and all lines and spaces in the dial interplay smoothly to achieve the coherent design. To draw your attention there are 2 concentric circles on the outside of the central dial that surround the central dial point and house the minute and hour markings. The gap between these circles is restrained yet looks fantastic, as they are connected with the use of lines. The space tucks the glossy black numerals and markings in the outskirts to provide space for the silver dial at the center stage. The central dial is then partitioned into four equal parts by a line that connects the inner circle to the outer one, creating symmetry. Each line allows the design to breathe, and the use of negative open spaces allows each element to work, like the needle-like hands that sweep around the dial. As you look at the watch there is an undeniable masterful execution of balance that invites you in. 

2. A Mix of Modern and Vintage Tones

This timepiece also carefully captures the same essence of the piece decades ago and at the same time gives it a modern touch by the combination of tones used in the dial and has four tone colors, silver, white, black and blue. The dial has a smooth silver tone, while the hour markers are painted in black Arabic indexes. What also draws the eye is the blue pencil-style central hands that complement the metallic tone. This tone of blue can only be achieved by masterful heat bluing on steel. This simple detail gives enough modern feel to the face of the watch. The overall theme has its roots back to the days of styling the first aviation watches. The white cuts in the silvery sections around the dial and the black on the minute tracks and numerals contrast against the same color. The Longines name is printed at noon and a lovely seconds dial is at 6 o’clock and partially covers the 6 numeric.  

3. Case Size and Features

But dial colors alone are not enough to create an exceptional vintage-inspired timepiece, and the rest of the watch should not be taken lightly. Aviation Vintage watches commonly are bigger than usual to be readable even at arm’s length. But since wearing an everyday watch doesn’t require a large dial, the Longines Classic Heritage Sector watch opts for a 38- millimeter case diameter, and this diameter is a sweet spot for both large and small end preferences. With its lug to lug distance of 19-millimeters, a thickness of 11-millimeters, and a lug to lug of 47. 3-millimeters, the watch has a contemporary size and won’t overhang in small wrist size. The glass is made of scratch-resistant sapphire crystal with several layers of anti-reflective coating. This crystal plays with the detail of the dial with its slightly domed structure and mirrors the vintage look that comes from old-style crystal, compared to the ordinary flat sapphire. At the side of the case is a brushed finish 61/2 millimeters crown that reasonably rests flat. With a black leather strap with inner brown lining and surface color and buckle at the end, the ensemble becomes complete. 

4. Mechanism

But what would any excellent design be without a reliable mechanism? This watch has a caliber L893, a self-winding mechanical movement beating up to 25, 200 vibrations per hour with a power reserve of 72-hours and 7 seconds accuracy. The movement is protected by a case back and has silicon hairsprings for resistance to magnetism. Equipped, robust, and reliable to match its design, this timepiece is a great watch to wear on casual occasions.

Where Can You Buy Longines Watches?

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In Conclusion

Only vintage-inspired timepieces that are skillfully made will give you the best window to the experience. And among all the brands that do, Longines is at top of the list, as you can see with the Longines Classic Heritage Sector Watch. A watch you can wear casually and enjoy the depth of its roots. If you like to check out more Longine wristwatches don’t forget to visit watch shopping to find more fabulous watches made by the brand.

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