A Man’s Guide To Wearing A Bracelet

A bracelet is one of the simplest accessories to put on. A small leather or bead band may provide an additional fashion, and it can let you convey a piece of your identity without having to speak a single word.

Bracelets like Cuban link bracelets might be a special way of implying a life outside of work, or it could be the way to express a mood with people around us.

Why Do Men Wear Bracelets?

A bracelet typically denotes a distinct identity. Bracelets, when worn correctly, create a unique combination on your wrist that can enhance a look. Consider that for a moment. If you’ve traveled to the Caribbean or the Far East, you’ve probably noticed corporate giants wearing wristbands to denote class and capacity.

It’s not only about adorning your body with dazzling items for them. Though more bracelets do not always imply more money, you can put them on with confidence since you are fully loaded.

A bracelet gives a sense of individuality and personality. Men who wear them exhibit a true smell of composure and an atmosphere of artistic yet sophisticated etiquette. Hence, wearing a bracelet is necessary if you want to look amazing and stand out without sacrificing class or value.


Knowing a few bracelet essentials can help you achieve effortlessness.

Here is a list of few things you need to know:


Your bracelet should be equal to your size and proper fit.

This translates to wearing bigger bangles on broader wrists and smaller bracelets on narrow wrists.

When it comes to choosing the right bracelet, you don’t need to look up the different sizes of bracelet chart for men to realize that loose jewelry is unattractive.

The same principle is applicable to different types of bracelets as it does to shoes and clothes. The bracelet shouldn’t be too tight to make you feel uncomfortable, but neither should the bracelets be too loose to make your hand appear smaller.

We also have a stylish leather bracelet that can be worn with it if you like something more adjustable. When you wear the bracelet, ensure it does not dangle from your hand base to your palm’s lower portion. It should fit snugly between your wrists and your protruding bone.

Furthermore, there is a need for the bracelet to be totally tight to suit your wrist securely. Some bracelets, such as Cuban link bracelets for men, are one-size-fits-all and have a maximum size. Do you know you can get a nice Cuban link bracelet from ItsHot? ItsHot is well-known for selling high-quality bracelets.

A large bulky metal bracelet moving back and forth on your arm becomes annoying quickly. Anything that weighs a lot must be fitted, whereas lighter bracelets can have a bit more flexibility.


What kind of look are you looking for? This is the most important question to consider. Bracelets for guys, as well as men’s jewelry and accessories, are utilized to customize your entire appearance. Consider the messages you want to convey through your style.

Natural materials such as leather, stone, wood, hold up properly just over time and improve with age. The color of these natural materials is also more wearable and goes with virtually any outfit.

By combining metals with a natural material, you may avoid this. Leather, for instance, maintains the metal manly while still subduing the whole mood in the perfect way.

Your bracelet will deliver a message, and some people may wonder if it has a particular purpose.


You may have a few favorites, but they don’t have to be worn every time. Not all bracelets are appropriate for every occasion.

For most formal occasions, a thin, discrete single bracelet in a dark color is recommended. You may also put on a gold bracelet in the same color as your cufflinks. You can find cool men’s gold bracelets on the Internet.


You can simply do that by considering both your wrists to be the two sides of a traditional scale. One side should be somehow heavier than the other side. This is known as visual weight.

You wouldn’t want to put on many bracelets on one wrist while leaving the other wrist totally empty. You also wouldn’t want them to be identical- unless you want to go for the entire shackle-and-chain appearance.


This is the most simplest and straightforward technique on how to put on a bracelet.

Begin with either one or two bracelets on one hand. That’s all!

If you are wearing a watch on the left hand, wear your bracelet on the other hand, or probably remove the watch and put on only the bracelet. Check that the widths of your bracelets and watches are not too comparable. Note that a thick watch demands a thin bracelet.

By selecting a modest color from your clothing, make use of a bracelet to bring your appearance together. Match the color of your bracelet to the main tone of your shirt. Alternatively, for a bracelet that goes with anything, stay with natural colors such as leather or wood.

Which kind of bracelets should you wear with your watch?

It is not necessary to match your bracelet and watch; besides, it’s the difference that lets jewelry stand out. It’s important to note that your bracelet shouldn’t be any larger or bulkier than your watch.

Therefore, if you are using a larger watch, try with a more subdued bracelet. A thin leather bracelet, beaded bracelets, or a metal bracelet are all forms in which a subdue bracelet can come in. It’s never a good idea to let your bracelet overshadow your watch or to let it take over your entire outfit.

In Conclusion

The bracelets of men typically range in size from 7 to 9.5 inches, with 8 inches being the most popular. It’s critical to get the sizes of bracelets correctly.

If you have a larger wrist, choose a bracelet with a tie fastener, such as a leather bracelet. Also, link closures are an excellent option.

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