A Few Facts About Wholesale Kraft Paper Bags

Paper bags are a type of packaging constructed from recycled paper. They are light and strong, making them ideal for use in restaurants or as a secondary packing layer in mailer boxes. There are two different types of paper bags: white and brown. The print can be applied to both sides of wholesale kraft paper bags to make them promotional for retailers. Let’s know about them in detail.

What are Paper Bags are Used for

Paper Bags with handles can be used as shopping bags in the retail industry, takeout bags in the hospitality industry, and any other application requiring items that need a handle for easy transportation. Paper gift bags without handles, often known as Grocery Paper Bags, can be used to carry groceries, bottles, and lighter items.

Difference Between Brown Bags and White Bags

Brown paper bags are created with recycled content, sometimes up to 100 percent recycled content. On the other hand, white kraft paper bags are made with virgin content and may be bleached white for appealing purposes. More recycled content means less new pulp is used, making it more environmentally friendly.

Brown paper bags have lower strength than white paper bags because of the recycled element. White Paper Bags can be created with virgin pulp, which is a stronger raw material on its own.

Paper Bags Vs., Plastic Bags

Paper Bags are superior from an environmental and eco-friendly standpoint because they are biodegradable and do not add to landfill debris as Plastic Bags do. Plastic bags are less expensive and generally have the better tensile strength to hold more weight.

Paper bags degrade more quickly than plastic bags and can be recycled or repurposed, fostering a circular economy and lowering the demand for fresh raw materials to make new bags.

Given the nature of the raw material and application, it is more environmentally friendly to recycle paper rather than compost it because the recycled content can be reused for another Paper-based application rather than being made from fresh pulp. It eliminates the raw material from the supply & demand cycle by composting paper.

What’s the Cost of Paper Bags

The cost varies depending on the size, raw material utilized, production quantity, factory location, and if the printing is simple or personalized. Paper gift bags with handles can cost anywhere from US$0.04 and 0.90 cents for each bag, depending on the size.

What is a Source of Paper Bags

Wood is a key source of paper bags and is used as a raw material in the production of paper. This natural resource is endlessly renewable. Forests encompass more than 1/3rd of Europe. In Europe, there are over 200 million hectares of forest.

This provides a richness of natural resources as well as a huge potential for climate change mitigation. Europe’s forest cover is increasing at a rate of 1.4 percent per year. This is due to the ongoing replanting of trees during the harvesting process.

Two trees are grown for everyone that is cut down. Sustainable forest management safeguards waterways, promotes new species research, preserves biodiversity, and ensures the safety of forest workers. When a tree is harvested, all of its constituents are totally utilized — there is no waste.

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