8 Interesting Facts You Probably Didn’t Know About Engagement Rings

Engagement Ring Overview

Solitaires are the most popular engagement ring style. A solitaire is a single diamond or gemstone put in a piece of jewelry. There is only one set stone in the entire piece of jewelry. The solitaire ring has just one stone, which is usually a huge one that consists of a diamond or another stone or gemstone entirely. The prefix ‘soli’ refers to a single rock diamond, meaning “alone,” or “solitary,”.

The primary distinction between solitaire and other styles of diamond rings is that solitaire is a single diamond component. A solitaire ring is a piece of jewelry set with a single rock-cut diamond put on it. A diamond ring might have many diamonds or little diamonds wrapped in the ring. The solitaire is aesthetically pleasing and sparkles like a single-piece diamond gem, catching everyone’s attention.

Halo engagement rings are another popular style. A halo effect is created by a gemstone that is encircled by a ring with tinier stones. A solitaire ring’s shank may also contain chanel-set or pave-set stones flanking it.

Solitaire rings are the most popular style of engagement ring and here are 8 facts surrounding them.

8 Interesting Facts You Probably Didn’t Know About Engagment Rings

1. Women Desire Side Stones On Their Solitaire Engagement Ring: Side stones are jewels, most usually diamonds, that flank the sides of a central gemstone, which is typically the largest gem in the design. A three-stone ring with diamonds of the same shape is a popular version.

The largest diamond is in the center, with smaller diamonds of the same carat size acting as accents. Round brilliants, princess cuts, and emerald cuts are the most popular diamond cuts in this design, but other shapes such as hearts and Asscher cuts are also popular.

2. These Rings Are Mostly For Engagements: Wedding bands often have unadorned, plain shanks, but solitaire rings typically feature large, dramatic jewels. In the wedding band, only a couple of inset stones are used. If you prefer a solitaire, you can purchase one as either a trio of rings or a bridal ring collection.

The rings are available as a set for the wife (engagement ring + wedding ring) or as a trio for the husband (wedding ring with a broader wedding band).

The bride’s bands will be in a stack to make sure that her wedding ring is adjusted to match the shape of her solitaire engagement ring and if the groom’s ring is part of the set, it may include carvings and jewels that match the bride’s solitaire.

3. Right Cut Delivers The Perfect Shape: The form and cut of the diamond are clearly mentioned in the diamond guide’s 4Cs. The overall appeal, brilliance, and gleam are unparalleled. Solitaire, on the other hand, is a whole distinct game. This clearly distinguishes between solitaire diamond ring and an uncut diamond.

The typical diamonds in the rings are polished and cut to maximize brightness, sparkle, and reflection. Round, princess, oval, and pear are some of the most common solitaire forms.

4. Check the Stacking: Stacked wedding bands are popular among brides and grooms in today’s times that consist of a wedding band with or without gemstones, a solitaire engagement ring, an anniversary ring, an eternity band, and possibly a class ring for the groom. If you purchase these rings as a set, the jeweler will have taken into account their size, metal match, and shape.

If you’re purchasing the rings individually, make sure that the metals complement each other visually and don’t wear out or scratch. A platinum band placed next to a gold ring, for example, can quickly degrade the gold’s color. Therefore, make sure to check the setting and shape of the solitaire ring to make sure it won’t destroy the other rings that are stacked.

5. Consider the Shared Prong Setting: Two diamonds are held in place by a pair of shared prongs, generally two, in a shared prong setting. A flat plate of metal surrounds and holds the stones in place in bezel settings. To keep the stone firmly in place inside the ring, the metal overlaps it slightly around the edges.

Two thin prongs connect adjacent diamonds to reduce the quantity of metal on the band. The design secures the diamonds better than other forms of settings, despite the fact that the setting hides the metal as much as possible.

Fewer prongs may appear uneven and lopsided and using too many prongs might make your band appear cluttered and your stone appears smaller. Using more prongs, on the other hand, may allow you to personalize your ring’s shape.

6. Influenced by Light Levels: A solitaire ring can be worn in nearly any setting, but the design you choose has an impact on how your rings look. The brighter the diamond, the better; with colored stones, the brightness of the color is everything. Light levels have an impact on each of these elements. Regardless of the cut, the more light that passes through your ring, the better it shines and sparkles.

The highest luster and sparkle come from pronged rings. Depending on the position, placement, and angle of the pressure bars, tension rings can also be luminous. The best lighting is found on sidebars.

7. Solitaire Engagement Ring Not About Ring Shape: A traditional cathedral ring comes to mind when people think of a solitaire ring. However, the categorization is based on the number of stones rather than the ring’s style. The most common shapes for solitaire rings are oval, marquise, cushion,  round, emerald, and princess.

Each of these shapes can also be surrounded by a “ring of stones” in a halo manner. Even though jewelers use these terms interchangeably, it may be useful to distinguish between style and setting. The setting determines whether the stone is held in place by tension, prong, and bezel.

8. Men Can Also Wear Solitaire Rings: Men wearing jewelry makes some people uncomfortable unless the ring is a status symbol, such as a sports band, family crest, or a casual ring. But men can and do wear solitaire rings making quite a fashion statement.

A smaller stone in a bezel or tension setting with a wide band will most likely be your choice. It’s more durable for your masculine lifestyle, it wouldn’t dazzle all that much making it less feminine.


A solitaire engagement ring is a great way to profess your love to your partner. You can even design custom pieces, stack your rings, or just wear them plain, all of these options will look nothing short of stunning!

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