7 Top Lighting Trends Homeowners can Adopt in 2022

You have a beautiful home with fabulous interiors. Trying to discern which lighting fixtures can best complement your taste may be quite challenging. 

We totally understand. 

Here we bring you 7 leading lighting trends that are likely to rule in 2022. Get ready to freshen up your room and usher in positivity as you explore these latest designs. 

Latest Lighting Trends to Complement Your Style 

Light fixtures need to be practical and stylish, irrespective of the style they represent. Take a look at these 7 latest lighting trends that tick both the boxes effortlessly. 

1. Vintage Light Fixtures are Back 

Vintage light designs are all about drawing inspiration from an era gone by. They are rustic yet classy in their own way. 

Crafted metalwork and wood finishing is making a huge comeback this season to deliver the perfect vintage touch to your living space. 

You can either opt for a vintage taste for all the light fixtures in your home or pair them with other styles tactfully. 

Either way, this style will surely bring a touch of class to your room.

2. Industrial Style Redefined 

Industrial style exploded in popularity in the past decade or so. Homeowners and designers love it because it is modest, inviting and affordable. 

The redefined industrial style emphasizes sleek and minimalistic designs favouring monochromatic colour pallets. Geometric metal designs and generous use of LED Linear high bay lights are in vogue this season.

3. Ceiling Lights Get a Modern Twist 

Is there anything to reinvent in ceiling lights? Yes, there is. 

The latest lighting trends in ceiling lights are all about taking inspiration from traditional designs and adding a modern twist. When rustic farmhouse designs are upgraded with a modern touch, you get ceiling lights that enhance the aesthetic appeal of a given space. 

Such ceiling lights can be paired with classy dining room chandeliers to elevate the charm of the room.

4. Cleaner Designs Become Predominant 

One of the most prominent lighting trends we are seeing is the dominance of cleaner designs. Be it for homes, corporate offices, or commercial spaces, cleaner light designs are the top choices this season. 

By cleaner design, we mean, cleaner lines, well-defined shapes, and minimalistic designs that create a big impression. Starburst design is especially popular as it suits all interior decor styles. 

Are you up to exploring more lighting trends? Check out this infographic by Claxy Lighting to get a brief look at all the 7 top lighting trends in 2022. Get ready to create a positive and welcoming atmosphere in your home as you adopt these latest lighting trends. 

Top Lighting Trends to Brighten Homes in the Coming Year

Image Courtesy: Claxy.com

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