7 Things That Piss Us off When Communicating Online

We’ve collected the things that annoy and piss many people off when chatting in messenger – regardless of the topic of discussion, context or other circumstances. Send a link to this text to everyone who pisses you off in your chats. Now you’re armed.

No Need for Extra Words

People who have several hundred or even thousands of contacts see this greeting all the time. All day long. Sooner or later they get bored with it. Reduce the greeting and immediately, in the same message, explain the purpose for which you start the dialogue, without waiting for a response to your greetings. Especially relevant in work correspondence, where irrelevant moments no one cares about. And yes, a little annoying.

Voice Messages

Oh, it’s so convenient – not to poke at the little keys on your smartphone, but to say what you need to say and drop an audible message to a friend in correspondence. But you know why it would piss him, the friend, off? Because he’s on the subway, where it’s noisy. Or because he’s at work and doesn’t have headphones. Just because he’s more comfortable reading than listening. Don’t abuse it.

Large Letters

According to the unwritten rules of communication on the web, phrases in capital letters are considered shouting. You should not get carried away with it, even if the correspondence is carried out in high tones. And by the way, when the younger generation writes messages, alternating uppercase and capitals, – it’s a stutter in writing, incredibly infuriating.

Lots of Spam From Nothing

There are already enough email newsletters on the Internet that remain users about new Netflix releases, bonuses on online BlackJack Canada and Amazon sales. Your entire contact list is unlikely to appreciate another useful link or funny picture. Rather, just the opposite, most people you’ll piss off. If you want to share something, do it in the newsfeed of your favorite social network; posts are strictly selective.

Single-cell Communication

Correspondence that consists of abbreviations, short monosyllables, abuse of emoticons or emoji – it’s not a dialogue, it’s just a frenzy. Communication in the style of wild tribes, who have two dozen words of vocabulary, and the rest – gestures and sounds. 

Dead Silence

Message sent. Message delivered. And read. Time goes by, and still no answer. An hour or two – and the person you’re talking to will definitely be offended, if not furious. When there is no time to answer, it’s okay. But be sure to find an opportunity to apologize afterwards, coming up with a good excuse.

Stream of Consciousness

A hail of short phrase messages, especially when one sentence is sent in parts, is not a good way to dialogue. This way of communicating causes an annoying cacophony of sound notifications on the recipient’s smartphone. They recognize people by it and are eager to ignore them as revenge. Slow down, put your thoughts in full sentences, write one big message rather than a dozen scraps.

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