7 Major Benefits Of Watching Videos Offline

Remember those days when the internet used to be expensive? Those days when we do not have so many video streaming platforms for watching videos? During that time, we used to download movies from the pirate bay and watch them later. 

With the digitalization and cheaper internet, now we mostly stream videos online. Whether it is a movie on the OTT platform or an award-winning short film on YouTube, we mostly prefer doing everything online.

Major Benefits Of Watching Videos Offline

Although the larger part of the world is living an online life and loves to watch videos online, there are several benefits of watching videos offline. We think you also might agree with us, after knowing the benefits.

So, let’s have a look at all those advantages of watching videos offline.

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Lifetime Accessibility Of The Content

When you download a video or a movie, you are actually getting lifetime accessibility of the content until and unless you permanently delete them. After you are done with downloading the video and ready to watch it offline, you also get ownership of the video.

On the other hand, when you stream online videos, you do not have any ownership over them. It can be removed from the platform where it is available, and if that happens, you will not be able to watch it.

No Buffering

That round loading sign!

Urgh! We all hate it. While we are watching a video, the last thing we always want is to get a buffer. Unfortunately, when you watch videos online, in order to make the data consumption less, your ISP or Internet Service Provider lessens the speed.

You get buffering in the middle of the video due to this reason. When you watch videos offline, there is not a single chance of getting buffering, and you can enjoy uninterrupted video watching.

Can Be Watched Anytime

For watching a video online, you will always need an active internet connection. Suppose your area has an internet breakdown due to some natural disaster or storm. In this case, you will not be able to watch videos online.

The scenario is just the opposite. As you have already downloaded the video, you can watch it anytime, in spite of the weather and other situations.

Can Be Watched Anywhere

Suppose you are in a forest campaign at the peak of a mountain. Isn’t it obvious that you will not get an internet connection there? Now, what will you do if you want some form of entertainment? Anything, but you will not be able to watch an online video.

Here, if you already have downloaded any movies or videos, you do not need any internet or connection for watching the videos.

No Internet Connection Is Required

We have just shared the information that for watching videos, the minimum requirement is an active internet connection. Suppose you forget to recharge your internet connection or mobile data; you will not be able to access the internet.

But if you already have downloaded some videos or movies, you will be able to access those downloaded videos.

Eco Friendly

We all know the harmful effects of mobile connection, 5G networks. The entire ecosystem is experiencing hazards as a result of internet usage and mobile networks. Online streaming is considered harmful to our own environment.

So, if you want to save our planet and maintain a balanced ecosystem, it is always advised to watch videos offline.


For watching videos online, you must have an active internet connection. We all know that the internet does not come free. You have to recharge your mobile data or internet plan for watching online videos; in some cases, you also need a subscription to some particular platforms.

On contract, you do not need to spend any extra amount for watching videos offline. You just need to pay the electricity bill. So, you are saving a lot of money here.

Go Offline

The online world might seem more interesting and attractive, but trust us, if you look at the long-term effects, offline video watching will always seem the better option than watching videos online. So, from today, start watching videos offline.

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