6 Tips for Maximizing Your Sleep Environment

Sleep hygiene refers to the behavioral practice followed for better sleep quality. In simpler terms, it is the practice of healthy habits to help you sleep soundly.

Nowadays you can improve your sleep using some sleep essentials, such as Mela Sleep Eyemask. However to have a perfect sleep and feel fully rested each morning, you may need to change some habits.

Studies show that people sleep much better in an optimized environment. However, it is the one to get most neglected. We hardly pay attention to our surroundings when sleeping.

Well, it’s not too late. You can work on your surroundings today to improve sleep quality. Here are 6-tips for maximizing your sleep environment:

Remove Distractions

First of all, you need to sort things you associate with your bedroom. Our brains stimulate feelings depending on the activities we do in our room.

For example, if you’ve created a workspace inside your bedroom, then your brain will find it difficult to distinguish between the two. You will constantly feel alert and think about upcoming deadlines; thus, decreasing sleep quality.

Since the idealistic purpose of a bedroom is to sleep, you should remove all other distracting things from it.

Get Rid of the Lights

Artificial light tends to mimic natural light to keep us awake. It lowers the sleep hormone; melatonin. Hence, eradicate all artificial lights from your bedroom.

Consider removing night lamps and light stands. Hang heavy or dark curtains at the windows. Also, remove all electronic items too.

Electronic gadgets, such as television and phones, are the biggest source of blue or artificial light. Having it near your sleeping place can greatly reduce the production of melatonin.

In case you cannot remove your phone, try to place it upside down. So, you won’t get disturbed when the screen lights up due to any reason. 

Maintain Silence

Disruptive noises can make it difficult to stay asleep. You need to make sure that your environment is silent. Close the windows, doors, and anything else that could potentially create sounds.

However, if controlling the noise seems to be beyond your ability, ensure the sounds in the surroundings are consistent. Our sleep gets disturbed by a sudden noise and not by sound itself.

It is why some people fall asleep to music. You can try this by listening to a soothing melody.

Keep the room cool

Our bodies tend to cool towards the nighttime. The lowered body temperature helps in sleeping better.

Hence, you can aid this process by making your surroundings cool. You can turn on a room cooler, fan, or air conditioner. But, make sure the temperature doesn’t get too low. 

Alternatively, you can take a shower before sleep or wear nightdresses that let more air circulate your body and lower temperature.

Ensure Comfort

The mattress you sleep on makes a lot of difference. Lumpy, uneven, or hard mattresses cause discomfort. Your posture also gets affected since the spine is not in alignment.

Consider changing your mattress if it is too old or in bad shape. Opt for one that is neither too soft nor too firm. Also, if you find yourself fluffing up your pillow now and then, replace it too. You will find it easier to relax and sleep. 

Consider Aromatherapy

Aromatherapy refers to the release of particular scents for better psychological and mental well-being. These scents permeate the atmosphere and stimulate feelings of ease.

It helps people calm down and relax. As a result, sleep quality improves. However, if you’re picky about aromas, then choose the scent vigilantly. Compare different options and test them before making the final decision.

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