6 Things Every Car Driver Should Know

In this extremely busy atmosphere, life is quite difficult without a personal vehicle or car. Though a lot of public and private transport companies provide their services they are not comfortable and easy to use. The reason is that most public transports have time and location boundaries and you can not travel out of them. Therefore, having a car is a great relief because it allows you to travel freely at any time or to any place. Those who do not afford one can opt for renting a car. There are many car rental agencies that offer weekly car rental Dubai packages.

To travel on ease, having a car is not enough but keeping it in the right working condition is also essential. And to keep your car in the right working order it’s crucial to know about all aspects of the car. Here’s a list of all the essential points that a car owner must know.

Engine Oil and Other Vehicle Fluids

Can you imagine a heart working without blood? Your answer will be absolutely not. The same is the role of engine oil in the case of vehicles. It is a life fluid of cars that performs multiple tasks

It is not only essential for the running of a car but also crucial for the lubrication and cooling and cleaning of the engine.

Therefore, a sufficient amount of high-grade engine oil is essential for the proper functioning of the car. Lower quality and quantity of engine oil leads to the deposit of harmful materials in the engine which increases the friction. However, you can tackle this issue by strictly following the instructions in the car owner’s manual about the grade and quantity of engine oil.

Not only engine oil but some other fluids are also essential to know for the proper functioning of the car. These fluids include lubricants, wind blades, washing fluid, coolant, and brake fluid.

Spare Tire and Tools

No one can deny the importance of tires in all types of vehicles. They are essential for the running or even standing of a car. However, these are the most unpredictable elements of a car that can betray you at any place and time. Therefore, keeping a pair of spare tires and all the tools required to change the tire is crucial.

It will rescue you from sudden tire flats or leakage. Make sure the spare tire is healthy and will perfectly fit your car. Don’t forget to check the working condition of the gauge because it is a very important tool to lift the car.

Shocks and Struts

The back and forth movement of cars over jumps or bumpy areas of the road is common practice with older cars. However, most people feel extremely uncomfortable with shocks and struts. The reason is that they take it as a fault for the braking system. But in reality, this is a sign that you need to change your car.

Wiper Blades

These are the most powerful weapons of cars to compete with the harshness of wind or rain. But most people underestimate the importance of these simple tools. The life span of these tools is six months because after that period their rubber becomes hard and fails to clear the windscreen in rain or dust storms. However, you can keep them in the right working condition by maintaining regular repairs or cleaning and exchanging wipers with the new ones.

Emergency Roadside Kit

Driving needs utmost care and focus to avoid minor or major accidents on the road. However, anyone can meet any tragedy or emergency on any road. Therefore, an emergency roadside kit is essential to deal with such uncertain situations. This emergency kit must include:

  • First aid equipment
  • Jumper cables and ropes
  • Utility tools like knife
  • Rags or sheets
  • Blanket and shawls
  • Gauge
  • Raincoat and umbrella
  • Handy drier
  • Mechanic Gloves and mask
  • Duct tape and screw
  • Flashlight

Regular Maintenance

To keep the car in the right working order, regular checking and maintenance of the car are very essential. Keeping a check on tire pressure and tread depth enables you to keep your car tires healthy and long-lasting. Make sure to check the headlights and taillights of the car regularly. Don’t forget to send your car to the workshop for regular service at least once a month. Also check How To Clean Weathertech Mats so you’ll know how to maintain the floor mat of your car clean and fresh.

Even if you are rent a car in sharjah, make sure it is regularly maintained. You must only rely on  One Click Drive and other leading car rental agencies who have well-maintained cars available for rent.

A Final Word

Being a car owner or a regular driver, you need to go through all these points deeply to maintain the outlook and working efficiency of your car.

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