5 Types of Bedsheets To Invest In

You spend a lot of time in bed. Investing in a piece you’ll get the most use out of makes sense. That’s where bedsheets come into play. Sheets like Bamboo sheets and microfiber sheets are designed for comfort and longevity—they should last for years, even decades if you take care of them properly. They’re versatile enough to work with any style or theme throughout your home.


The first type of bedsheet that you should invest in is cotton. Cotton is a natural fibre, meaning it’s made from plants like cotton trees and bamboo. Cotton sheets are breathable and don’t trap heat like other fabrics, which means that your body will stay cool when you’re sleeping on them at night. Cotton is also hypoallergenic and machine washable, making these bedsheets a great choice for those who suffer from allergies or sensitive skin (like me!).

Because of their breathability and hypoallergenicity, people with asthma often opt for cotton sheets over other fabric types because they tend to help reduce night sweats too!


Tencel is a type of rayon made from the eucalyptus tree’s pulp. It’s known for being incredibly soft and breathable, making it a great choice if you suffer from allergies. Tencel is also produced so that it requires less water than cotton or synthetic fibres.

Tencel sheets are often more expensive than other bedsheets; however, they’re worth the investment because they last longer and look better over time. If you can’t afford them but want something similar, try silk or bamboo sheets instead—both are softer than cotton but won’t break down as quickly as polyester-based sheets will over time!


Bamboo sheets are a great option for people who prefer to sleep on soft, cosy sheets. Bamboo fibres are very durable and comfortable, and they’re also breathable. Bamboo is a renewable resource used in Asia for centuries; it’s grown without pesticides or fertilis6ers, and its roots expand deep into the ground to help prevent soil erosion. Plus, bamboo plants can grow up to 3 feet per day! One of the most notable benefits of this type of bedding is that it’s hypoallergenic—many people suffer from allergies yearly, but bamboo is one of the least allergenic materials.

Another benefit? They’re affordable! It’s hard not to find affordable options when shopping online or even in stores like Target or Bed Bath & Beyond, where you can buy packages with multiple fitted sheet sets at once so they last longer than one set would normally go before needing replacement (which means less laundry).


Polyester is a synthetic fibre that is made from petroleum. It’s the most common fibre used to make sheets, and it can be washed many times without losing its shape or colour. Polyester has a high thread count and is durable, so it’s ideal for people who need their sheets to last a long time.


Flannel sheets are popular for wintertime because they’re warm but not too warm. Flannel is a soft fabric, so it’s comfortable to sleep on. Many people like to cuddle up in flannel sheets, especially in the winter when it’s cold outside.

Flannel is also great for hot sleepers because it absorbs moisture and helps keep you cool during the night. This can be especially helpful if you often wake up sweating from too many blankets or if your room is stuffy due to excessive heat from your heater. If you suffer from night sweats or just have trouble staying cool at night, flannel may be worth considering as an option!

This article helped you understand the different bedsheets and why they are important. As always, stay tuned for more content coming soon!

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