5 Tips On Creating The Best Promotional Video for Your Product

A video marketing strategy is the best way to promote your product or service. Video is considered a central part of outreach and marketing. Why is video marketing so important? A simple answer is that if a company is not creating video, it’s likely to fall behind. The more authentic content a company churns, the more relevant it will be to its audience. Video marketing will help you increase engagement on social media, thus making consumers aware of your product.

Why Do You Need Promotional Videos?

Making promotional videos for your product could increase your conversion rates by a whopping 80%. Videos can be a versatile tool for education, entertainment, awareness, technology, as well as engagement. In multinational industries, many marketing video ideas are evolved before the video creation, and then the type of video is chosen for a better understanding of the product or service.

Various types of marketing videos are brand videos, demo videos, event videos, expert interviews, educational videos, explainer videos, case studies, animation videos, live videos, reality show videos, augmented videos, and personified videos. Identifying the right video type is important because it plays a crucial role in marketing, as it specifies the category of the video content created.

Promoting the products or services to customers by making promotional videos through a detailed process of creation and publishing of videos can increase the value of an organization. Promoting videos can also add value to the growth of an organization by fetching more engagement on the company’s websites. However, if one gets a clear idea before working on video content then it can be beneficial for the consumer.

Here are some tips you can use to create and design the best promotional videos:

  • Pick a topic beforehand that will indicate the purpose of the video to your viewers and audiences.
  • Identify the targeted audiences for more engagement and reach.
  • Create videos in a budget-friendly manner realizing the parameters or research needed.
  • Always monitor other important sectors required for video creation.

A compelling promotional video can gather audience to increase engagement on the products your company offers. Before making the video you should keep in mind that video’s target audience, message, sound effects, quality, length, and method.

Why defining your target audience essential?

The promotional videos are created for the targeted audience that can boost the value of the product executed by a company. Therefore, defining the target audience is essential from which an organization can benefit in marketing. Here are some points to consider:

  • Always focus on specific targeted groups who can help in advertising and sharing the content efficiently.
  • Identify whether sharing the content to a specific group of the audience helps your product or not?
  • Also, amplify your social media branding with the help of targeted audiences.
  • Create a bond between the specific target audience and the company via messaging that can resonate with customers.

Defining your target audience is an ongoing process to engage on different social media platforms with a better understanding.

5 Tips for Creating Amazing Promotional Videos

Many ai video editor are available on websites that can ease your editing part. Typito is one such platform that helps you create engaging videos using images, music, video clips, templates, and much more. You can follow up on these 5 tips for the creation of the best promotional videos for your product :

  • Structure and story of the video content

Before creating a promotional video, ask yourself if the content keep the viewers engaged? Is the story created a good story or not? If you want videos that get more views, then you need to harness the art of storytelling. Give your viewers a message, or add some value to their day with your video. A video that looks promotional gets ignored most of the time because of the absence of a story in the content. A good promotional video contains content that resembles stories. It creates a connection with the audience. The better you express your ideas, the more engagement you will get. For creating videos in a structured manner you can watch out for different video templates available on Typito where you can enhance your video ideas by changing the text, replacing images, swapping out colors, or using other features with various categories provided like e-commerce video template, sale template, real estate template, etc.

  • Use starting seconds carefully and wisely

The viewers get the idea of video content at the beginning. A study shows that the average attention span for online videos is just 8.5 seconds. While creating a promotional video, establishing a story is important to keep in mind that can connect viewers to the company and their creativity because bringing a story to experience it in life, will give more exposure to the content provided. The best way to grab your audience’s attention is using a hook in the starting seconds of the video that will provide the video’s content to the viewers. Also, an interesting thumbnail excites the viewers about your video before it starts playing, as the thumbnail is important for the first impression. If the starting comes to play a crucial part, then the customer will love to watch the particular person’s video. Typito’s tools can add up value to your created videos that can help you in increased engagement and creating appealing videos.

  • Target audiences on social media platforms

Creating videos according to the taste of target audiences will have a higher chance of engagement. A targeted social media audience is known as a group or community of people to whom the company wants to appeal. Their information can be based on data such as job title, education, age, behavior, culture, etc. who tends to be interested in the product. Highly-targeted videos are a great way of communicating and connecting with each member of the audience. You can target your viewers on different social media platforms like Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, etc. You can easily design your Facebook videos, Instagram videos, YouTube videos, and other platform videos using Typito, an online video editing platform.

  • Present your story with or without sound effect

You will often notice that when you’re browsing Instagram or Facebook on silent mode, videos continue playing without your awareness. Therefore, if you create your video considering the viewer’s interest with or without sound, then you can design a compelling story for physically challenged people also. The main goal of any video is to engage viewers with exciting visuals, and colorful eye-catching animations. If you’re going for a silent video, then you can count on the power of beautiful visuals, text descriptions, and subtitles. You can take help from the Typito website to design videos according to the tastes and needs of the customer. You can use their video makers according to the category required.

  • Include CTAs in your promotional videos

While creating a promotional video for your product or service, remember to add a Call to Action (CTA) to it. A video CTA could include action words like ‘Subscribe’, ‘Like’, ‘Share’, ‘Read more’, ‘Comment’, or ‘Follow.’ There are three main areas to position CTA: the very start of the video, in the middle, and at the end. About 95% of CTAs are placed at the end of the video, 4% in the middle, and 1% at the starting of the video.


Social media provides a huge opportunity for entrepreneurs to share information about their products or services. Video marketing strategy is a powerful tool that can make a company stand out in the viewer’s eyes. Before creating a video strategy, companies should get to know their audience. This helps them understand which content will click. Here are some tips for creating amazing promotional videos:

  • Know your target audience
  • Plan the content of the video in advance
  • Create a story
  • Get creative with background, images, and sound effects.

For extraordinary and excellent promotional videos, you can take a look at Typito, an online video editor that gives you a wide variety of tools, templates, and ideas for your posts. Typito also helps you design videos specifically for social media platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, etc.

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