5 Powerful tips before going live on facebook

Ever since it introduced the live feature, Facebook has made Live streaming a mainstream modern feature. It has admittedly made a big deal out of its live streaming service. This is justified rightfully as it helps business owners get more engagement on Facebook. It does so by placing it on top of the Facebook feed and it even sends out notifications to all of your page’s viewers when you’re streaming live. Including Facebook Live in your Facebook marketing plan is an excellent method to capture your audience’s attention and encourage them to connect with your company. Read on for some tips on the same and how to engage those viewers after you buy Facebook views.

1. Have a backup internet ready 

Lives are always in real-time. It is true that the possibility of things going wrong is way too high. Especially when your internet may be shaky or weak. However, it is best to prepare for all the worst-case scenarios. The internet source is an important aspect here, your internet is the only thing that keeps the Live going. Thus, it is best to have a backup internet source, in case your current source goes amuck. A backup internet connection is an additional internet connection. This is along with the one you are currently utilizing. Of course, this additional internet connection isn’t always being used or in use along with the main source. So, due to this, it may appear unrealistic at first look, yet it pertains to the very heart of most organizations, and the internet is an important part of that.

2. Choose the right broadcasting equipment

For a professional and high-quality Live, it is best to have your devices in order. Consider all aspects to ensure smooth functioning. Facebook allows business pages to stream live from no special apps. You can do it from their Facebook applications. So you can stream from a smartphone, tablets, laptops, desktops any device really!  It’s simple to broadcast from either of these devices, but it is depending on what you’re streaming which will determine your device. For different and varying purposes, you might prefer one over the other. For example, If you’re going to be in one place for a while use heavier high-quality gadgets. A stand for your tablet or smartphone will help you get the greatest view when streaming at an event. For an interview, a tripod with a smart camera would be perfect. 

3. Build hype around your life beforehand

This is the most important thing to do before you go Live. If this is efficiently pulled off, it can even beat the impact of when you buy real Facebook likes. This is because it organically draws an audience to your page which helps get more engagement on Facebook. Incorporate the details of your life in your overall marketing and social media schedule. Allot posts to let your fans know when you’ll be coming live. This is best done in advance so that they can prepare for it and truly try to attend.  It is best to introduce a general gist of the activities and the topic that will be covered in your Live. This will build excitement, curiosity and give your audience something interesting to look forward to. They will know what to expect from the live and thus they will prioritise it. 

4. Update the header image of your Facebook page

As a business owner, your cover picture is the ideal place to educate visitors about your business or products, or to make a strong call to action. The Facebook cover photo functions similarly to a shop. It shows potential consumers what you’re selling and encourages them to come learn more. Your Facebook header is an excellent area to showcase what’s new with your company and advertise upcoming events and goods. Make a digital art and upload it as the header of your Facebook page. This will help your Live get noticed and will draw more people in. 

5. Keep your audience updated and regularly Invite your audience to future Live streams 

Before you start with the, it is best to recap and remind your audience of what will be happening during the life. Do this even during your show,  this is as viewers will regularly come and go rapidly. Sometimes, they may not see your Facebook Live headline. To keep the new audience engaged make sure they’re aware of what’s going on throughout your broadcast. Taking occasional stops to meet newcomers is a good idea. Introduce yourself, any guests you’re hosting, the area you’re broadcasting from, and what you’re talking about. After the Live, set out plans and agendas for future Live streams. This is so that your audience will retain itself. 

The feed stream also prioritizes live videos. This is because people prefer to watch live videos 10 to 20 times longer than on-demand material. This is, if anything, indicating that your audience is hungry for it. This is perfect to get more engagement on Facebook.. Put these to the test to discover how well it will work for your small business or organization.  

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