5 Important Factors to Consider When Buying a New Laptop

With all the laptops on the market and new models releasing every month, it’s not easy to discern the most important features and what’s an elaborate gimmick.

If you want to make sure that you will not regret the choice that you will be making, it is imperative for you to know the factors that the best laptop must have. In this article, we’ll walk through five essential aspects to consider when selecting the right laptop.

  1. RAM

The laptop’s RAM is essential for a computer’s performance, most particularly in multitasking like creating word documents, editing photos, and surfing the web. The bigger RAM your laptop has, the quicker it is for your laptop to access various information, and you can have more applications to run. 4GB is the recommended amount of memory. If you are using a lot of high-powered software, make sure you have at least 8GB.

  1. Screen Quality

Just like most individuals, you’ll likely be looking at the screen of your laptop all day long. Thus, be sure you go for a type of laptop that is easy on your eyes. Screens with a glossy finish have a tendency to reflect the light from its surroundings which is why you must ponder on this aspect. Know that laptops with touch screens present glossy displays, therefore it is important for you to weigh its advantages.

Subject to how you will be using your laptop, the resolution is also essential. A 1920×1080 is considered an HD screen. Thus, giving you exceptional images as well as lots of space for your windows to remain visible. One laptop that has a great display and screen quality is the mate book 16.

Finally, when looking for the options of laptop screens, it is best to go to the computer shop and test the screens personally. Note that technical specifications do not always deliver a precise picture of what the user will experience.

  1. CPU

Consider your CPU as the foundation for your computer. When talking about CPUs, it is difficult to get more cost-effective than the Core range of an Intel. Latest laptops are more likely to feature Core i3, i5, or i7.

  • Models with Core i3 in laptops usually have specs that are entry-level.
  • You can find Core i5 in most laptops in the mid-range.
  • Core i7 is most common on high-end laptops. Though Core i7 gives out the best function and performance today, it could cause a load of heat to escape from the bottom. Bear this in mind in case you plan to work on your laptop.
  1. Battery Life

Just like most people, if mobility is important to you then the laptop’s battery life is a crucial aspect to consider. A laptops’ battery life can be quite different from what you can read from its manual. Take note that the screen’s brightness as well as the software type that you are running will affect the lifespan of the battery.

So, instead of paying attention to the hours of service that the manufacturer claims, take a look at the capacity of the battery by Watt hours. Keep in mind that the higher the number is, the higher the battery-life the laptop has.

  1. Storage

Do not just think about the laptop’s storage capacity, you should also include the type of storage that the laptop has. For example; If you want to be able to edit your photos, make movies and play games, then graphic laptops are for you. Graphic laptops have a lot of memory so they can run these applications without needing to be restarted every few minutes. They also have high resolution screens so that you can see the effects of what you are doing as soon as they happen. In the past, hard-disk-drives were the preferred choice. With lighter, slimmer laptops today, hard drives are not as sought-after. A lot of laptop owners today opt to switch to solid-state drives. This is because these are quieter, faster and yes more expensive.


It’s tempting to purchase the laptop that you’ve always wanted. The best laptop that money can buy is a logical choice when you have a substantial amount of money or you can opt for laptop financing offered by business entities like Shop Abunda. This is because computers are long-term investments that will last for years.

However, if you’re budget-conscious then you’ll need to decide the features that are most important for you. Are you convinced that mobility is more important than the size of your screen? Or do you want a laptop with a longer battery-life? Also, you should take into consideration your activities, schedule, and your way of living. With this, you’ll have the capability to choose the best laptop for you.

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