5 Grooming Tips to Keep Your Dog Healthy and Comfy in the Warm Weather

Keeping your canine friend clean and tidy plays a crucial role in helping her stay healthy physically and mentally all year round.

However, during warm weather conditions, grooming your pet is even more important. Well-groomed dogs can regulate their temperature better, which will help them lower their risk for heatstroke.

Brushing your dog’s fur regularly when temperatures rise also helps with her body’s natural cooling process. Additionally, a well-brushed coat allows air to circulate better through her fur, making her feel comfortable even during the warmest days.

Brushing your cat or dog also helps remove potential irritants like grass seeds and dirt.

Providers of pet grooming services in Dubai also say that bathing and brushing your pooch when the weather is hot is also crucial to keep fleas and ticks at bay, as these pests usually multiply when temperatures are high.

This is because brushing your pet enables you to spot signs that your dog has these bugs so you can take the necessary actions to deal with them.

With these benefits in mind, doubling up your pet grooming practices during the summer and whenever the weather gets warmer than usual is a must.

Warm-Weather Dog Grooming Tips

To keep your dog healthy and happy when the weather gets hot, follow these grooming tips:

1.    Bring your pet to her groomer on schedule.

As mentioned, your pup needs extra care when the weather is warm. Neglecting their regular grooming needs will increase their discomfort and even put their health at risk.

Continue bringing your dog to her groomer every four to six weeks or as scheduled. Your pet needs regular haircuts, shampooing, nail trims, and flea control and other treatments that’ll help her stay comfy and healthy when it is warm.

When bringing your pet to her groomer, make sure you listen to their advice. If they don’t recommend shaving your dog, heed their recommendation. With their experience and expertise, they know what’s best for your pup.

During extremely hot days, your groomer might ask you to reschedule your appointment. Again, heed their advice. If the temperature is too high, your pet may suffer from a heat stroke when you go out.

In such instances, reschedule your pet’s grooming session and choose a time early in the morning or late in the afternoon when temperatures are cooler so you and your dog will be more comfortable going out.

2.    Keep your pet clean.

When the temperatures start rising, you may need to give your dog a bath more frequently. However, stick to bathing her at least once a month.

This is because overbathing your pup can strip away essential oils from her skin, which can cause itchiness and dry out the coat.

If your dog gets untidy in-between baths, use a leave-on spray that conditions and cleans your pet’s fur. Also, use a damp towel to wipe off dirt and brush the coat to remove debris.

If you’re bathing your dog, make sure you rinse her properly to remove the shampoo. Failing to do so can irritate her skin and make her feel more uncomfortable.

Also, always use dog shampoo when bathing your pup to keep their fur and skin healthy.

3.    Brush your pet’s coat frequently.

Dogs with a double coat tend to shed more often when the weather is hot. This can be a huge problem when cleaning since it means you’ll have to put in more effort and time into getting rid of the fur lying around.

Brushing your dog regularly will help you get rid of excess fur. Doing so allows you to have an easier time gathering and throwing away the shedding.

Moreover, without the excess fur, air will reach your pet’s skin unimpeded, cooling her against the heat.

Brushing your puppy’s fur regularly also allows you to check any skin problems she may have. In hot weather conditions, furry pets can develop allergies, infections, and rashes. Fleas and ticks are also common issues, so be on the lookout for them when grooming your dog.

Additionally, frequent brushing enables you to work out any mats that may have developed in your pet’s coat. Tangled hairs are troublesome in the summer since these trap moisture from humidity and irritate your dog’s skin.

The right comb or brush plays a crucial role in grooming your pet. If your dog has a double coat, use a wide-tooth comb or slicker brush, or both.

On the other hand, pin brushes and combs are ideal for dogs with single coats. 

4.    Look after your puppy’s paws.

Your pet dog’s paws can get burnt and blistered from even a short walk on a hot outdoor surface.

Even if it’s not scorching hit, the warm surface can cause dryness, cracks, and small tears in your puppy’s paws.

As such, avoid taking out your dog for a walk during the hottest parts of the day. Go outdoors only at night or early in the morning.

Also, in between visits to the groomer, apply a balm on your pet’s paws to soothe these and prevent them from getting too dry.

Make sure your pet also gets her nails trimmed during her grooming sessions. If you want to give your pup a pedicure, use the right tools and ensure they are not dull so that you’ll have no difficulty using them.

Also, always have styptic powder at hand and use it in case you cut a nail too close to the skin.

5.    Keep your dog hydrated.

Water helps keep your dog’s skin and fur healthy and in excellent condition. Because of this, ensure she is well-hydrated.

Keep your pet’s drinking bowl filled with cold water. When going out, bring a collapsible bowl and extra bottles of water. Put these in your cooler if you are travelling by car.

You can also fill containers with water and put those in the freezer. You can then place the iced water in your pet’s drinking bowl. The melted ice will stay cool and refreshing for hours.

To keep your pet’s drinking water cool, put the water bowl in a cool, shaded area.

Feeding your dog the best Dubai pet foods will also help keep her healthy and comfortable in the warm weather. Your pup will also get the right amount of nutrients she needs to be energetic and playful.

You can also reduce your dog’s risk for various health conditions by feeding her the right pet food.

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