4 tips to prevent pest infestation in your kitchen

Kitchen is a feasting ground for all kinds of pests and rodents. Small insects such as cockroaches, flies and others can contaminate your food, spread diseases they carry. They need food and a place like a kitchen which is by all means an ideal place to survive and thrive. Hence, it becomes imperative to have the right approach before it’s too late, because prevention is better than cure.

In such an event, you must always keep your kitchen clean and dry, for the sake of a good and healthy life. Your daily household chores must include a regular cleaning task to ensure you and your family are living in a place that is safe and pest free.

Fortunately, there are some very useful and effective tips and home remedies that can keep your kitchen pest free, clean and organised as well.

A very effective measure is to hire pest control professionals to suggest some effective techniques to keep the pests and bugs out of your kitchen and your house.

So here are few tips to follow:

1.   Clean the floor kitchen regularly

If you clean your kitchen on a regular basis that deters away all kinds of pests and bugs such as cockroaches and other pesky insects infesting in your kitchen. Kitchen is the most attractive place because of the food leftovers and the uncovered waste left in the plates, in the sink or in the garbage bin.

Therefore, it is so important that you must throw away the waste properly, and wipe the floor regularly. You must keep the floor and countertops free of crumbs and food spills. Cleaning the spills immediately and using a good cleanser or some effective disinfectants in your kitchen cleaning would be a great thing to protect your kitchen from the pesky insects.

2.   Prevent your kitchen drains from clogging

If your kitchen drain is clogged, it immediately sends invitation pests such as cockroaches and other disgusting insects. Therefore, the preventive measure is to keep your kitchen drains open and clean at all times. Also look for the leaky faucets and drain pipes and if you find any get them repaired quickly because damp areas are the favourite place for the pests infestation.

3.   Store food properly

The food in the kitchen is the most desirable thing for the pests and bugs. Food must be stored in an airtight container or covered properly. Make sure that sugar, lentils, flour and other kinds of staples are kept sealed at all times and never left uncovered for the pests to invade them.

The daily used eatables such as cereals must also be kept in containers with lids or in resealable bags. Try not to let vegetables and fruits get ripped or spoiled. Finish them when they are fresh as rotten fruits and vegetables attract house flies, fruit flies, ants and rodents.

4.   Trash bin with a lid

It is strongly recommended that you use a trash can with a lid or else it becomes a matter of pest infestation in no time. Using a lid will also keep the smell away making it harder for pests to sniff the garbage in your trash can.

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