3 Tips to Choose the Best Veil for Your Wedding

The wedding is a holy ceremony where two souls unite, and the occasion is once in a lifetime for everyone. On this day, the bride is not just dressing up to look beautiful for that particular day; instead, she is getting ready for a photo shoot that will capture some beautiful moment in her life. The photos and videos will be recorded and saved for the family, the couple and their children to look at and cherish these moments in future.

The wedding veils are as crucial as the wedding dresses, and if the veil is not up to the standard or quality of the dress, it could ruin the whole look. Hence, you must choose the right one from the hundreds of available options.

You can choose from a variety of widths, lengths, designs, and embellishments. So it’s no surprise that many brides-to-be are feeling a little overwhelmed as they plan their weddings. Especially when buying a veil online and not feeling it, seeing how it drapes or matches the wedding gown is very frustrating.

This article will help you purchase the ideal veil by addressing three critical considerations for buying a quality veil. If you follow these tips, buying a lovely veil for your wedding will be a piece of cake.

  1. Consider the wedding dress

The shape and style of your wedding gown are the best places to start. As a general rule, your veil should complement and accentuate your gown. This means it shouldn’t be overpowering or a distraction from the dress. The flow of your overall look will be disrupted if the veil is distracting.

Find a traditional one with a clean raw edge if your gown is busy and features many pretty designs. To add dimension to your gown, choose one with intricate details such as lace embellishment or floral accents (if your dress is simple).

A veil looks best when it’s cut just below or above any horizontal lines. If your’s falls where a focal point begins, such as a defined waistline, you may appear to be cut in half, which is a bad visual appearance issue.

  1. The venue

Your veil, like your wedding gown, must be consistent with the formality of the occasion. For example, wearing one with or without a blusher may be required at some church weddings. However, a less formal or chapel veil (or shorter) may be the perfect accessory for a garden or beachside ceremony. If you and your family enjoy having a different approach to every occasion in your life and are not bound to any rules or customs, you can wear custom made dresses and veils of any type/design for your wedding.

  1. Consider your hairstyle

It’s crucial to think about your bridal hairstyle when shopping for wedding veils.

If you want to wear one, you’ll need a hairstyle that supports it, such as a messy updo, bridal bun, or half up/half down. Your bun or hairstyle will need to be more supportive if your veil is heavier or more oversized.

The best part about bridal hairstyles is that they can be framed from behind by your wedding veil. Your veil can be custom made with cotton loops instead of a metal bridal comb, allowing your hairstylist to pin the veil to the natural curve of your bun.

Speaking of weddings, you also must keep in mind your wedding speech which should be memorable and spoken from heart. Take a while to fully prepare it and be honest and genuine in your speech. This will definitely be the most emotional and moving part of your whole wedding planning.

Author: Alison Lurie

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