3 Different Ways to Convert Your Word File to PDF

Everyone is using PDF today and the reasons why are not a surprise. A PDF compacts a file into a lighter format makes it easier to share and takes up less space. It also makes any file compatible, be read on any device regardless of the version, and provides the option to secure the file via password encryption.

For these reasons, it’s no wonder why people prefer to use PDFs or convert them into that format. With all the technological advancements and issues we face using, a safe file format is demanded and necessary for us. But the most common reason might be that a PDF format retains a file’s formatting the best way possible. This means the structure and contents of a file are not easily destroyed and do not become topsy-turvy when viewing it from any device. How you made the file is how it appears on the other end of the people you sent or shared.

When there are many ways to convert a file, like a Word document to a PDF, some methods do not guarantee a quality file. When looking for the best way to turn your Word files to PDF, you should also be aware of how you can fail and cause damage to your file and how you can avoid them. Listed below are the three ways you can convert your files and what website is the best ally with your software.

  • The Free and Open Source Conversions

You can search the internet and find many available websites you can use and take advantage of to convert your files to pdf. Yet it is seldom hard to find one that can give you a quality result, range of options to improve your files or provide an easy- hassle-free process to execute PDF invoice maker. Yes, options are abundant, however, only a few are up to the challenge of converting PDFs to a presentable file and vice versa. You can only utilize so much of the free stuff, sooner you will have to pay a hefty amount, without even knowing the quality of the other services you will have to pay. But worry not, there is a better option to go about converting your Word to PDF.

  • Risky Conversions

You only have to type how to convert the file format and convert it to PDF or maybe just PDF in itself, you will end up with tons of websites that would be waiting for you to use their converter. However when you use websites that you pick out of gut feeling, then you might as well be destroying your file. Using websites that won’t give you a clear background, or even if they do, are not built on a solid foundation, is like swimming in dangerous waters. Many of these free service providers can introduce viruses into your file and damage it entirely. One way of knowing a website has provided security for its users is by looking at their URL address. Websites with HTTPS in their URL have a Secure Sockets Layer Certificate, which is a requirement by Google to ensure that data and other activities are safe from being hacked. If you are currently using a website that only has HTTP in its URL, your data and other private information can be easily sniffed out while using that website.

  • With Professional PDF Tools

Yes, there is a professional way. And Yes, there are PDF professionals and such a website does exist -the PDFBear. If you plan to convert important and sensitive files the best way to secure your files, experience quality service and output is by giving the job to the professionals. PDFBear is operated by software professionals who have developed their services to address PDF needs and concerns of users in our age. They see to it that each PDF-related task is easy to do, safe, and gives quality results. It has an updated SSL Certificate, has an array of tools to help you improve your PDF files, is up to date with the different PDF formats like that of the PDFA levels. If you want to convert your Word document to a PDF file then visit their website and follow their simple step by step process below:

1.Upload the Microsoft Word document you want to convert.

2. Our PDF converter will scan your word document.

3. Wait for the conversion to finish.

4. The converted PDF will be ready for you to download instantly.

If you’re wondering if PDFBear is a free website, the answer to that depends on you. PDFbear has a 14-day free trial for anyone who wants to take advantage of the quality of their services but if you want to fully experience the perks of being a PDFBear member then you would want to be part of their community. Members have a wider range of use of the tools, have the benefit of cloud-based online storage where they could securely save their files, have a customer support service that will assist them with file issues, and can also do multiple conversions and perform heavy-duty tasks. They have a monthly membership fee of $5.99 and an annual fee of $59.99 which is cheaper compared to other professional PDF service providers.

In Conclusion

With a reliable service provider, you won’t need to worry about how to perform simple PDF-related tasks, and you can put the load of work to PDFBear. PDF is used by the majority but the ways we deal with converting should not be as desperate as to compromise the quality and safety of our files and also our need to have a stress-free experience.

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