15 DIY Easy Craft Ideas for Home Decor

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we have spent more time at home recently. You can change your home by simply doing some DIY decorations. Decorating your home from top to bottom is very expensive, especially when you consider the cost of furniture, paint, minor repairs and decorations. Although it may be easier to turn to Amazon or other e-retailers to add personality to your space, these DIY home decor ideas take the custom (not to mention, cheap) route. Next time you have some downtime, take out your kit, make supplies, and start working on these simple household projects.

DIY Printed pillow

Did you know that home decoration market brings about $62.5 billion in revenue every year? This is why it makes sense to enter this market segment-especially if you have a completely unique product, such as a custom printed pillow. Using printable vinyl to make a unique pillow. Personalized pillows allow shoppers and gift buyers to express their pride and identity. And you don’t need a screen printing shop to get started, you can do it at home.

Decorative wooden stool

Are there any wooden stools that need to be remodeled? You can make this decorative step stool with heat transfer vinyl, beautiful paper or other materials. It’s really easy to do!

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Easy DIY Planets

For great ideas for making and marketing, please see this lovely idea for making and selling gardening crafts. The hand-painted DIY flower pots are super cute, simple to make, and low cost in terms of required supplies. You can draw a few pictures in an hour, so even if you don’t have a lot of time, you can make money by selling crafts. We like this kind of crafting ideas for young people to make and sell because the school takes up too much time. DIY or any special art that does not require countless hours to complete can be at the top of our list.

Simple and rustic blanket ladder

If you have a good range of blankets to display, you can make this blanket ladder for $10 to $15, and you can hold it for three hours! This is a perfect simple carpentry project that can make a big difference to your decoration.

Use the door DIY desk

If you have cube storage (sold by Target and IKEA!), you can add a door to the top and make the most useful desk! Using basic carpentry tools is much easier than you think

Build a huge blackboard

You will love this detailed step-by-step tutorial that teaches you how to build a huge blackboard on a budget! This is perfect for children’s playrooms, kitchens, laundry rooms, mud rooms or main family room.

DIY Seashell Candles

This is a very beautiful and easy-to-make home decoration idea. You can start by collecting some shells. It would be a good idea if you are near the beach or you can buy shells online. Now get some wax. If needed, you can add color to it. Heat the wax. Now take a candle wick and place it on the bottom of the case. Pour the hot wax into the shell and let it solidify. You will have great shell tea lights. It is also a great idea to create scented handmade soy candles with a great smell.

DIY Mini Pallet Coasters

For these mini tray coasters, cut off the ends of the wooden sticks to make them flat. You can also use popsicles. In order to keep all the sticks equal in length, you can use a marking tool. If the length is not equal, it will be uneven and it will also lead to failure. Then align these strips on a flat surface as well, and use super glue to connect them to the three sticks placed vertically. Then mark the points and add an equal number of sticks at the top. This will provide strength and support to the structure.

DIY tires and rope ottoman

To make your own footstool, please wrap the old tires properly with plastic rope as shown in the picture. Make sure that the rope is tight and secure. Then hold the glue gun in one hand and the jute rope in the other hand to cover the tire upwards. You can start from the center of the bottom or the middle of the side. Try to apply glue evenly between the jute rope and the tire.

Canvas art with plastic animals

The cute mini DIY canvas art with plastic animals is such a fun and simple idea! It is very suitable for nurseries, children’s rooms or craft studios.

DIY sparkling snowballs

DIY cool project to decorate your home at Christmas. To make a sparkling string of snowballs, blow the balloon with air and tie it to the desired size. Then use glue and water solution to properly wrap the balloon with white yarn. Dip it into a bowl of glue solution to completely cover it. Let this piece dry properly to make it hard and strong. Then burst the balloon and spray flashes as needed. You can hang these yarn balls on your Christmas tree when Christmas comes.

DIY Himmeli geometric sculpture

The base is used as the foundation of the craft world. So, starting from the bottom, a triangle is formed. The edge facing the upper may be longer than the length of the base edge. Therefore, only two lengths are used in this structure. The length of all pipes connected at the top can be longer, and the length of all bottom edges can be smaller. Now pull the wires together. Tie the metal wire to the top. You can use this beautiful structure as a hanging object or display on a bookshelf.

DIY hanger

This is the perfect project to add some storage space, although it makes more sense to just show these beautiful little shelves. Punch holes at the four ends of a rectangular plank equidistant from the apex. Then pass a thread through a loop and tie the thread in the middle. Similarly, do the same thing on the other ring. Now pass the four wire ends from the four edges and tie a knot at the end behind it. Now put down the plank while fixing the two rings together to confirm symmetry, if not, readjust the threads. Finally, you can use glue to make a permanent connection at the end of the thread.

DIY glass vase

For this amazing glass vase, take an ordinary glass vase of simple transparent material. Printable vinyl sticker paper can post on it. You can add some flowers, the vase looks even better.

DIY use twigs to make interesting artworks

This is a beautiful craft idea, you can use a wooden stick to add a heart shape. First gather some wooden sticks and align them on the cardboard to make the heart shape. Adjust the size of the stick accordingly. Now start drawing the stick in ombre. Use white and pink paint. Once the stick is dry, start to tie a thin thread on it. Now hang these sticks in the shape of a heart on a larger stick. Hang it on the wall at home.

We hope you enjoy these beautiful DIY home decoration crafts. All these beautiful crafts will surely make your home a happier place to live.

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