Twitter tips for the marketers in 2022

The Ultimate Guide To Using Twitter Accounts For Business In 2021

According to experts, an influencer is an individual who, by virtue of his status, position or media exposure, can influence consumer behaviour in a given universe Influencers are therefore your VIPs on Twitter. Indeed, they have the power to: Create buzz, Increase your brand awareness, And give your web traffic a tremendous boost … And … Read more

10 Best Tools to Record PowerPoint Presentation in Simple Ways

10 Best Tools to Record PowerPoint Presentation in Simple Ways

The adoption of remote working and virtual learning is on the increase and video presentation software programs are becoming more popular. When it comes to creating effective and engaging content for business training, knowledge transfer, reports, and education, video creation applications play a critical role. If you are looking for how to record a presentation … Read more

How Digital Tools Improve Our HealthCare Experience

Why should students be familiar with technology?

Tech in effect One look at our surroundings, and there’s no denying it. We’ve entered the digital era, and the tools from this age have clearly proven useful – extending its impact down to the simplest of tasks and in the widest of ranges – that its presence can no longer be dismissed.  Evidently, the … Read more

How to Improve Virtual Conference with Video Maker

Virtual Conferences are becoming a main part of the event industry, especially in pandemic times, to host a professional Virtual conference the best tool is needed to ensure success. Video plays a significant role in the success or failure of any virtual conference.  By using a pre-recorded video host can enhance the audience’s attention and … Read more

Why Your House Needs a Water Purifier

There are many of you who take water for granted. Do you think that your water could be dirty or have pollution? You have no clue how dirty water can turn out to be a threat for you. You should not take a chance with your health and ensure that your water is clean and … Read more