Plastic Pallets vs Wooden Pallets

Pallets are an integral part of modern supply chains and it is fair to say they move the world. Pallets are used for transportation and storage, as well as to display products in stores. Pallets are typically made from wood or plastic. However, the majority of pallets are still made from wood. Each material has its advantages and disadvantages. This infographic will explain the differences between pallets and help you make informed choices when purchasing pallets for your business.

Plastic Pallets

Plastic pallets are used to transport fresh and frozen food, pharmaceuticals, and other products that have strict hygiene requirements. Plastic pallets don’t have porous surfaces and can be easily cleaned, washed, or sterilized.

Plastic pallets cost three times as much as wooden ones. Although they are lighter than wooden pallets, their smooth surface makes them more slippery and less stable for stacking. They cannot be used for loads over 1,500 Lbs.

Plastic pallets are not an economically viable business option if you need to ship goods overseas. This may be due to your shipping method, hygiene requirements or if you’re shipping to countries that prohibit or regulate the import of wood pallets.

Plastic pallets are promoted as being eco-friendly but they cannot be repaired. To be recycled, they must be melted down. They have a much longer life span than wood.

Plastic pallets have the advantage of being reusable for many years without breaking. They are perfect for storage and reuse in warehouses .They are lightweight, easy to handle, and virtually splinter-freePlastic pallets are ideal for pallet wrapping machines because of their durability.

Plastic pallets have many advantages and disadvantages.


  • Longer lifespan than wood pallets
  • They are safer to handle because they don’t have any screws or nails
  • Can be easily cleaned
  • Pallets lighter than wood
  • Facilitates logistics and process.
  • Recyclable


  • Higher initial costs
  • Repairs can be more challenging

Wooden Pallets

The Wooden Pallet Price is about three times cheaper that of plastic pallets, and they are more widely used than the latter. They can hold more weight than plastic and can be used for weights between 1,500 to 3,000 pounds.

However, they are not recommended for fragile items. Wood pallets can be damaged by fasteners. They can cause puncture hazards. Imagine a punctured paint can. This would not only cause damage but also delay and clean up.

Plastic pallets have a lower fire safety rating than wood. Plastic pallets burn at much higher temperatures than wood so it is important for manufacturers to verify the building fire codes before purchasing pallets.

These are the benefits and drawbacks of wood pallets.


  • Acquisition costs are lower
  • Repairable
  • Recyclable


  • Harbor pathogens, and other bacteria
  • Unable to clean
  • They are less safe to handle because they have nails, screws, and splintered timber.
  • More frequently replaced

Wood pallets can also be contaminated, making them unsuitable for food shipping. Wood can become a breeding ground of bacteria when it gets wet. This can lead to contamination in food and other sensitive materials. Fumigating these pallets is a common way to clean them.

Pallets are not all created equal. Pallets come in many sizes, materials, and designs. These are some of the most popular types of pallets:

  • Food-grade pallets:These pallets are safe to be used with food, and can often be found in the pharmaceutical and food processing industries. All plastics need to be FDA-approved. Food-grade wooden pallets must be free of visible damage, clean and without breakage. Ventilated pallets for food-grade pallets are a common option. You can also use specialty spill-proof pallets occasionally.
  • Hygienic pallets: Contrary to most pallets available on the market, hygienic pallets. They have a smooth surface instead of vented. These pallets are primarily used to transport food and pharmaceutical products. These pallets are almost entirely made of plastic.
  • Industrial pallets: These pallets are suitable for both heavy and light products. They are usually used in warehouses. These pallets can be approved for use even if they have visible damage, missing nails or screws. Forklifts can also use industrial pallets. They have usually two to four entry points for them. You can have them custom-engineered to hold heavy loads. They can also be made of wood or plastic. Ventilated pallets are common in the industrial sector.
  • Export Pallets: Export Pallets They are designed for export or one-way shipping and rarely last more than three uses. The 1200 X 800 Euro pallet is a special size. Most pallets are made from molded or treated wood. Due to restrictions on import, plastic pallets are gaining market share. This pallet is almost always sold.

Stackable, Rackable, and Nestable Pallets

You can stack, rack, or nest pallets for nearly any purpose This makes it easier to store both wooden and plastic pallets.

The most popular type of pallet is the stackable one. These pallets also have the most space-saving design. This design is used by most pallets that have a top or bottom deckboard. These pallets can be stacked on top of each other for storage. You can make stackable pallets from wood or plastic.

Rackable pallets can have five runners or a photo frame at the bottom. These pallets are designed to store products with maximum stability. These pallets are stable because of the picture frame or runner design at the bottom. They can be made of plastic or wood.

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Summary: There are both advantages and disadvantages to using wood or plastic pallets. The combination of factors such as your product, industry, regulations and budget, long-term economics, and financial resources will determine which pallet you choose.

Wood pallets are the most commonly used type of pallet and will continue to be so for outbound shipping.

Pallets made from wood have a few drawbacks. Wood can easily break and is heavy. Pallets should be regularly replaced. It is also difficult to clean wood.

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