Cheap Public Golf Courses Near Me How To Choose the Right Golf Clubs

Did you know that in 2021, 25.1 million people played on a golf course in the United States? If you are searching for “cheap public golf courses near me,” we are here to share our top tips on choosing the best golf clubs to take with you to the course.

Read on to learn more before you go buy a golf club.

Test Them Out

Keep in mind that golf clubs are not a one size fits all deal. This is why if you are buying clubs from a friend, you still need to try them out before you invest your money. 

Choosing Your Driver

At the beginning of every hole, you will use your driver. This is the club with the largest head, and it has enough power to send the golf ball as far out as you need it to go. The driver is also the longest club you will have in your club set. 

When you choose your driver, you want to find the shortest driver you can because if it’s too long, it will make it harder for you to control your driver. Keep in mind that the average driver length used on the PGA Tour is around 44.5″ long.

The loft of drivers will range between 8 degrees and 13 degrees. If you have a fast swing, then you want to choose a loft of 8-9 degrees. If your swing is average, then you want to opt for a loft between 9-11 degrees. 

For those with a slower swing, then choose a loft between 12-13 degrees because it will help you get your ball airborne more easily. 


Once you are near the hole and your ball is on the green, you will use your putter to help you get that golf ball in. The putter is the club with the flat face, which allows you to hit the ball in a straight line. 

When you’re testing out your putter, make sure you can keep it parallel to the ground while you’re hitting the ball. If you’re not able to keep it parallel, then this is not the right putter for you. The three main putter types are mallet, half-mallet, and blade. 

The mallet is heavier than the other two types, and it helps with aligning the ball more accurately. The half-mallet is the easiest type of putter to hit. The blade is a simple putter, but it’s not forgiving if you hit it from the middle of the surface. 

Now You Can Search “Cheap Public Golf Courses Near Me”

Now you can choose a golf club with confidence after learning our tips above. We hope that while searching for “cheap public golf courses near me,” you can find multiple golf courses where you can go polish your golf skills. 

If this guide came in handy, we have more where this came from. Keep browsing our sports section for our latest guides. 

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